About Steve Turner


I began my professional career as a nurse in 1984, eventually specialising in mental health.

I spent a decade working on clinical systems for American giant Shared Medical Systems, progressing from project manager to Senior Strategic Services Consultant of the U.S. arm of the company.

In 1999 I returned to work for the NHS, successfully revamping the Information and Technology department at an NHS Trust prior to a trust merger. A spell in consultancy for a large Cancer Network followed, by leading two highly successful multi-organisational projects.

More recently I have led a successful interdisciplinary, multi-organisational prescribing project and the development of a parent held medicines record for children with complex conditions. My Associates and I have also developed, and successfully piloted, ‚Äėpatient led clinical medicines reviews‚Äô.


I am Head of Medicines and Prescribing @MedicineGov  and part of a virtual event, hosted by video and social media on shared learning across sectors, geographical and professional boundaries, for health and business professionals including leaders, C-suite, clinicians and managers, patients and carers. Click here for details.


In 2015, after a difficult whistleblowing experience, I founded the Turn Up The Volume! movement and speak out for patient safety through transparency, values based leadership and a just culture. 


We have held two successful national events, bringing together people from all areas in an atmosphere of trust and learning.

My healthcare pledge:

My Pledge

For more information on Patient Led Clinical Education services contact info@carerightnow.co.uk

Looking for someone who can engage people across boundaries? I’m available to speak at events and as a commentator.

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