Nurse & former patient teaching together as equals

Shared decision making in mental health.


‘Such a great lecture one of the best since I’ve started Uni’

A workshop session delivered jointly by a facilitator and a user of mental health services

Comments from our students:

‘Thank you. It is always much more real and interesting when taught by someone with real experience, as opposed to theories. Really useful’.

‘It was great to hear Sam’s personal experiences and hear how Steve related them to practice.

In these sessions you can ask us both anything.

Join us on YouTube.

Aim of the session:

To discuss adherence to medicines and treatments; relate this to practice through group work and discuss this with a user of mental health services

Example learning outcomes (can be tailored to individual needs):

• To be able to relate theory to practice and give examples of techniques to achieve adherence

• To be able to describe the key issues around adherence and shared decision making

• To be able to define compliance; concordance and adherence and why these are helpful terms

• To have the opportunity to ask questions directly to a user of services and a front line clinician

Comments from attendees include:

• Real life experience better learning environment

• Fascinating and very brave to explain one’s highs and lows to strangers. Thank you x

• Great hearing first-hand experience

• Good balance of theory and practice

• Sam’s talk was brilliant and really helpful

• Brilliant having opportunity to speak to someone who has been through it

• Found the opportunity to question a service user very beneficial. To hear first-hand what he found good and bad during his experience in the mental health system

• The user of services sharing their views on meds, treatment and compliance, concordance and adherence

• Shared info. from a person with own experience & what he identified are characteristics that made a good nurse & the honesty of his own concordance with meds.

• (appreciated) Your honesty

• Providing insight into personal experiences and services

• Nice to hear someone speak honestly about concordance from a service user’s perspective, especially from not taking meds.

• Learning in-depth about adherence, concordance and compliance

• The way our guest was talking about his experience was great, very interesting; honest …just real

Steve Turner and his company Care Right Now CIC have been involved in innovative healthcare projects, several of which have achieved national recognition in the UK – click here for more information.

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Personal views of Steve Turner RGN; RMN; Ba (Hons); P.G. Dip Ed

Steve is a nurse prescriber, Head of Medicines and Prescribing for @MedicineGov , Associate Lecturer at Plymouth University and a former NICE Medicines and Prescribing Programme Associate.

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Author: Steve Turner

Added: 25.01.2021

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