Disruptive innovation works!



Being a disruptive innovator is hard to start with and may not fit into the standard tendering process, and you may appear to conflict with existing hierarchies.

Although I try to avoid jargon and avoid buzz words and fads, I think ‘disruptive innovation’ is probably a good description of work my Associates and I have been involved in.

You may find that the final product isn’t what you originally thought it was going to be, and it may take a long time for the beneficial changes to become accepted and spread.

In the end the benefits to patients and the public speak for themselves and it’s a hugely rewarding undertaking.

Some examples:

Childrens’ medicines safety

A successful interdisciplinary, multi-organisational prescribing project and the development of a parent held medicines record for children in the community with complex conditions.

0143_001 (2)

This work was published as a NICE shared learning example, was highly commended at the NICE Conference in 2005. It has had a lasting legacy.


Helping patients lead on their own care

My Associates and I have also developed, and successfully piloted, ‘patient led clinical medicines reviews’.


This novel approach involves medicines education session for patients, followed by the opportunity for people to review their medicines in a 3/4 hour session with two health professionals. It is published as a NICE shared learning example .

It’s listed on the NICE Shared Learning pages here: https://www.nice.org.uk/sharedlearning/patient-led-clinical-medicines-reviews

I spoke on Managing care for patients with multimorbidities – case studies of implementing NICE guidance at the 2018 NICE Annual Conference.


Implementing safer prescribing in substance misuse

A successful inter-disciplinary project to implement non-medical prescribing across a substance misuse service. This project included developing and implementing an interdisciplinary / cross organisational medicine governance process.


This project was presented at the national NHS Change Day event in 2012 and published in the Nurse Prescribing Journal.

Ref: Introducing nurse prescribing in a substance misuse treatment service (Nov 4, 2012) Nurse Prescribing 2012 Vol1 10 No 11


Turning Up The Volume! for patient safety

In 2014 set up the Turn Up The Volume! patient safety movement, the aim of which is to promote best practice in patient safety through listening openly to concerns of patients, staff, carers and relatives, and taking actions together.


Dr Steve Bolsin talking at Turn Up The Volume! 2 London 2017

We have held two successfully open events and been influential in shaping NHS initiatives on ending the need for whistleblowing in relation to patient safety. I have presented on this at a number of national and local events, including a Health Education England ‘Future of Medical Education’ Conference in 2016 and at Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, as part of their dignity at work month.


Author: Steve Turner steve@carerightnow.co.uk    07931 919 330   @MedicineGovSte

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