Life in Lockdown: Coronavirus (StAustell Voice 15.04.2020)

I was working up to retirement when Coronavirus hit us. I work on clinical education and service development. I have lived in the St Austell area for 18 years. Some of my work, such as supporting Pharmacies in the North West, was already carried out from home.  Most of my teaching work has now stopped so I have applied to return to #NHS. While I’m waiting to hear back, I’m sharing health information from my Twitter account @MedicineGovSte using hashtags: #TeamPatient #TeamNHS #TeamCOVID19 .

I am also helping coordinate mum’s care. Mum is 90. She lives 300 miles away & is very frail & poorly. Normally my brother & I would go straight to her when she needs us. So this is a really worrying time. Mum has fantastic carers; community support and a great GP. Because mum has multiple long-term conditions and is seen by several different health and care teams, I am finding that the coordination I do for her is vital to ensure that she receives the best care, nothing is duplicated, she receives her medicines and has the right equipment in the home. If any local families have any questions about coordinating care for a loved one please let me know. I’m happy to share some tips.

I’ve also started a serives of blogs based on our patient led clinical education work. The first one is on telephone consultations: click here to see it.

More than ever now, we love to spend time in our garden. We’re planting vegetables and the garden’s looking better than ever.

Take care #StAustell

Steve Turner is a registered general and mental health nurse prescriber and Managing Director of Care Right Now CIC.

First published in the StAustell Voice

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Steve is Head of Medicines and Prescribing for @MedicineGov , Associate Lecturer at Plymouth University  and a former NICE Medicines and Prescribing Programme Associate.


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Author: Steve Turner

First published: 16.04.2020 Revised: 27.04.3030


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